Established November 1, 1998 Established 
May 28, 
2000 Revision May 12, 2002 Revision 
July 1, 2007 Revised 
May 11, 2008 revised

Constitution of “Saitama IBD meeting” constitution

  Society which is Article 1 “Saitama Prefecture Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patient Association” is called “Saitama IBD Association”.

Article 2 The 
  Society shall be formed for the following purposes. 
   (1) Exchange and information exchange between patients with inflammatory bowel disease in Saitama prefecture 
   (2) Transmission of information on disease 
   (3) Mutual aid at emergency disasters

Article 3 The 
  Society conducts the following activities. 
   (1) General meeting 
   (2) Hosting events such as exchange meeting, workshops and recreation competitions 
   (3) Issuance of Saitama IBD communication 
   (4) Activities as a nationwide IBD network subscription organization

Article 4 
  The general affairs of the Society put this in the representative’s house. 
  However, regarding the secretariat and accounting, it shall be placed in the office of the official listed in Article 9.

Article 5 The 
  Society is 
  organized mainly in patients of inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis) and their families in Saitama Prefecture .

Article 6 
  Membership registration of the Society shall be voluntary participation by the principal and shall be membership with submission of registration of membership. 
  In case of withdrawal, we will contact the secretariat.

(General Assembly) 
Article 7 In 
  principle, the General Assembly shall be held once a year. However, if necessary, an 
  extraordinary general meeting may be held.

Article 8 The 
  General Assembly calls up this meeting.

Article 9 The 
  Society elects the next officer from among the members and constitutes the steering committee. 
   deputy representative 
   steering committee (secretariat staff) 
      accounting · accounting audit · secretary · other

Article 10 
  The term of office shall be two years. However, it does not prevent re-appointment.

Article 11 
  (1) The management of the Society shall be conducted by the steering committee below the representative. 
  (2) Appoint one or two treasurers from the steering committee 
     and delegate accounting administration.

(Mini Exchange Meeting) 
Article 12 In 
  addition to the activities shown in Article 3, the Society may 
  hold mini exchange sessions from time to time by groups such as regional, hospital-based group members . 
  When holding, we announce to all members at the general meeting 
  etc and report on the state of activities in Saitama IBD communication etc etc.

(Advisor, Honorary Member) 
Article 13 In the 
  Society, advisors and honorary members 
  can be appointed by the recommendation of the steering committee .

(Membership fee) 
Article 14 
  The expenses of the Society shall be paid with dues, donations and other income.

Article 15 
  The membership fee of the Society shall be 2,000 yen per year for one member. 
  Even if one year passes, if membership is not paid, we will assume that we have withdrawn from membership and we will not 
  ship announcements etc.

Article 16 
  The fiscal year of the Association shall be from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.

Article 18 The 
  representative, together with the accounting staff, 
  shall prepare a report on that year after the end of the fiscal year .

Provisions ) Article 19 The 
  matters not stipulated in this Constitution shall be processed by a resolution of the Steering Committee 
  and reported in a bulletin.

Article 20 The 
  member shall notify immediately when there is a change in the name, address, telephone number 

Article 21 No 
  political activities or religious activities using the Society are prohibited. 
  Also, you should not do solicitation for profit. 
  For the members who are against them, the steering committee 
  can remove from the association .

Article 22 
  Careful consideration shall be given to the protection of mutual mutual privacy.

Article 23 
  This Constitution may 
  be revised at the General Assembly by the Steering Committee and its proposals .

that’s all