Cancer in any form is dreadful. Not only because the word itself terrorizes our mind, but the visuals we recall are also too scary. Once it sets in, it is very difficult to get rid of it in totality and one has to surrender to whatever treatment methods are available. Injuries to nearby organs, side-effects, trauma for the body, and mind as a whole plus social stigma are some realities that stay with the victim for the rest of his/her life.

I can suggest three mantras: One, prevention is better than cure. Two, either you change your lifestyle or make some necessary additions to counter the cancer threat. Three, try alternative medicines or therapies.


If you belong to the western world, (as per Wikipedia) chances are that you are more susceptible to catching this type of cancer. But you cannot move to the other part of the world for only this reason. Moreover, how would you know for sure that you could be a victim? Only, for this reason, I mentioned that either you change your lifestyle or…


Definitely not. We are all part of a society and have our stated norms of behavior, work culture, food (solids & liquids) consumption pattern, ways of recreation are all set. To some extent we can change our habits like avoiding late nights, getting full sleep, exercising, etc. But today’s expenses need extra work both physically and mentally. Somewhere we have to compromise which we cannot compensate with something beneficial.

A fully nourishing lunch induces sleep so some people either don’t have proper lunch or combine it with coffee and both are harmful. Work pressure forces to go either for smoking, extra cups of coffee or for over the counter pills as they are easily accessible. Even these have harmful after-effects.


Remember Edison, who invented the Electric Bulb? He slept for just four hours and always got up refreshed. Develop a habit of sleeping less. Easier said than done, maybe your answer. To counter I present two incidents.

  1. I was working on a project and could not sleep for 3 days. On the fourth evening, somehow I had to accompany my boss to an overnight musical concert. When we departed, I was totally refreshed and went back to the office.
  2. Many of my hostel friends developed the habit of sleeping at three in the morning to get up by seven. The same pattern holds good twenty years after passing out.

It is all in the mind. You can train it the way you want. Think about the soldiers at war zone or the police personnel who hardly get time to sleep. When these people can manage why can’t you? Try meditation, even a 30-minute trance is enough to compensate for a full night’s sleep.


The most common cause of rectal/colon/anus cancer is constipation. Piles are the first reaction. Eat veggies or fruits that have roughage e.g. Carrot, Radish, Lettuce. Those veggies that do not dissolve in full. Eat fruits whole, as the skin acts as roughage. If not allergic to Banana, it acts as a good bowel cleanser.

Drink plenty of plain water (not disguised as beer or canned juices). Avoid the lift when possible.

Get the wonder product “Isabgol” which is neither a fruit nor vegetable nor a medicine. It is the husk of the Psyllium plant seed. This husk absorbs water, becomes slippery and aids bowel to discharge without pressure. You can consume this either with water, curd, fruit juice or sprinkle liberal amounts in any dish as it is tasteless.


No system of medicine is foolproof. Doctors do not admit the fallacies. For example, Homoeopathy has no medicine for high blood pressure but works wonders for skin diseases. Colitis, skin ulcers, burns & wounds are treated in no time. It has no side-effects as well. Ready-made mixtures are available over the counter for hundreds of diseases that you can try.

As always, there are no shortcuts to success. Trial and error should be your mantra. Find out what suits your body, your taste, and let your mind guide you. After all, if you catch the dreaded disease, your mind suffers the most.

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If you are experiencing wind, bloating, indigestion, and gut infection, then you should try these three simple techniques to naturally cure all your gut problems. First of all, you should eat plenty of whole natural foods which include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Next, you need to include foods and nutrients that have a mild laxative effect on your diet. Finally, you should do exercise regularly and drink lots of water to really have a good elimination of all unwanted toxins in your intestinal tract and restore your digestion system to its original condition.

At some point in our lives, because of one thing or another, we all have experienced slow bowel movement. If you fail to cure this, it could become permanent. And the next thing you know, you’ll start to have discomfort, like wind and indigestion. This could mean that your health is already at risk.

To overcome this problem, you have to first change your diet and eat plenty of natural foods. These natural foods include fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibers and water. Also, you may include whole grains, like oats and rice. Fibers in these foods absorb water in your tract and expand. They provide soft and moist bulk in your digestive tract to assist good elimination. However, when you are in this diet, try to avoid food like meats, cheese, eggs, refined grains, and wheat because they are all constipating in nature.

Next, you need to add food and nutrients that have a mild laxative effect. Flaxseeds (which you can grind and sprinkle on your food), prunes, and Vitamin C are the best examples. Keep in mind that you may need to have several grams of vitamin C to get this effect. So, make sure you eat plenty of citric fruits and take vitamin C supplement every day.

In addition, you may also buy fructo-oligosaccharides product (which is usually available in powder form) that you can find in your local supermarket or health store. Fructo-oligosaccharides are basically a complex carbohydrate that helps maintain the health of your gut by providing moisture and stimulating the growth of healthy lactic acid bacteria.

Lastly, you will need to exercise regularly and drink lots of water. Exercise helps you to stimulate the abdominal area and so it helps to improve your digestion. If you hate doing cardio exercises, then an alternative is to do breathing exercise that focuses on relaxing your abdomen.

Furthermore, if you are really into this thing and you want to do the extra effort, there is a helpful treatment, called colon therapy, which you may consider to do. It is basically a treatment that will help you to remove the old fecal material and it will clean up your bowel.

To conclude, there are three things that you should do to naturally cure your digestive problems at the core level. First, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain lots of fibers and water. Second, add some foods and nutrients, like vitamin C, that can give you a mild laxative effect. Third, you need to exercise regularly and drink lots of water. Follow these methods and your gut will thank you.

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If you experience tension regularly than you would have the ability to describe how tension can impact every element of your life. Keep reading for some easy options to tension management that return you to the lifestyle you desire.

Tension manifests as tight, tense muscles. An excellent method to relieve muscle tension is through a program of stretching exercises. There are lots of to pick from, and you make sure to find one that matches you. Yoga is an ancient set of stretching workouts that has shown its efficacy over the centuries.

When it comes to dealing with tension consider meditation. This can be an excellent method to not just unwind your body but also clear your mind of whatever that may be triggering you stress. Think about buying audio tapes or books to assist you with various ways of meditation.

When you are feeling overwhelmed and are handling a good deal of stress, it is very important to find out how to breathe. Stress is most typical with worries, sadness and anger. When you feel any of these feelings, breathe and envision you are breathing the emotions out of you. Awareness of what activates tension is the very first action to tackling it and breathing will ground you in the moment and make you aware of what you are feeling.

If the stress in your life is causing any of the problems mentioned at the start of this post, like relationship and health issue, make certain you do not let this cycle continue! Use these suggestions today and each time you require to so that you can stay healthy and pleased.

To remain as active as possible, join a weekend sports group with a good friend or member of your household. This will give you something to do so you are not sitting in your home stressing about your concerns. Also, you will get exercise, which is a great method to reduce stress.

Tension can be a trigger for stress and anxiety and panic attacks. Excessive tension can add to hyperventilation and stress and anxiety that can cause a full-blown anxiety attack. If you suffer from tension and stress and anxiety, discover methods to relax, breathe deeply and take a time-out. If your stress is serious, it is sensible to consult a doctor.

A great idea that can help you keep your stress levels down is to become mindful of things that trigger your stress. When you end up being mindful of what makes you worried out, you’ll be better at handling your stress and preventing it when you seem like you need to.

An excellent pointer that can assist you decrease tension is to constantly bring something to occupy your time in case you end up waiting. Waiting around can be very difficult specifically when there’s nothing to do. Bringing a book or magazine along can keep you amused when you have to wait.

Shake your tension away. Try this fast exercise. Sit or stand, stretch your arms out to your side, and shake your hands for around ten seconds. Shake them vigorously. While you are shaking, do some deep breathing. Just this brief little workout will assist to alleviate any stress in your back and neck and assistance to relieve some stress as well.

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